Because everyone deserves the right to an education









I am raising money to build a school in Zambia by climbing mount Kilimanjaro. This country has children living in poverty and roaming the dangerous streets looking for food and shelter. Providing a school for these kids and giving them an education will empower them to achieve more in life.  Please help this cause by donating just £2 via text (uk residents only) or visiting Together we can bring an education to the children of Zambia, because everyone deserves the right to an education.


I am raising money to build a school in Zambia by climbing Mount Kilimanjaro


Because everyone deserves an education

Dear blog followers!! In July I will be climbing Mount Kilimanjaro….

“You! Climb a mountain? Yeah right! You do realise there are no shops up there!” Well Mum, not only am I (and my pack of blister plasters) going to prove you wrong, but I am going to do it for a very worthy cause.
EduSport  has bought a plot of land in Zambia and they need fundraisers to help raise the pennies needed to build the school. How am I going to help….by not only doing some ridiculous fund raising but by completing a CRAZY challenge, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.


Please help support me, EduSport and the children of Zambia by donating via my JustGiving page.