Return of the Mac

So I have been otherwise pre-occupied this past year, I cant’t believe it has been over a year since I last posted.

But, I have a back log of books to review and a new MacBook, so please stay tuned.

……..I need to get back into the swing of writing.


New Header, New Home

header image


Today is moving day, and all of these precious items are being packed away and not seen again for another week.

Since I will have a new home, I figured, why not update the header image on my blog! Hope you enjoy!

See you on the other side!

Book butterflies

The feeling you get when you read a book that has completely consumed you and you then watch the trailer to the film.

Coupled with the knowledge that this profound story is true!!!

I am reading Tracks by Robyn Davidson and I cannot put it down, it has me gripped at the very core of everything emotional and I have just found out it is a true story which makes continuing to read it feel like a gift!

It recently mentioned in the book her relationship with National Geographic, I have found that first copy:


And the film creative:

Books, books and more books!!

I have been on a mammoth reading binge, finishing 4 books in the past 3 weeks. I just need to put thoughts to blog now…watch this space!


To all who read my blog, I am very grateful and I doubt that you all read it because of my blog name. It is probably in spite of the blog name.

Well I have decided to re-name myself. I have changed from ‘To the point reviews’ to ‘My Books are Your Books’. I simply felt that my old name was harsh sounding and resonated ideas of a critical individual who liked nothing more than to get to the point of every opinion and thought and as a person I am simply not like that. I am a romantic and love to explore books and I am known to go on and on about everything and anything, I have even spoken for a whole hour about dogs to the poor ears of my boyfriend! So I hope you can understand my reasons for change.

Please, as always get in touch with me 🙂 by Twitter or email.